Why Is MCPC So Much More Advanced Than MCPE???- Part 1- Platform and Software

The Platform

Ok, Not sure how much of this info I’m going to screw up or get wrong. But here I go… So I’m going to start off with a simple question. Which of these is more advanced a iPod or a Desktop or Laptop? If you didn’t answer the latter one, then you need to take a little trip to Tech Class. Even if this was the only thing that separated MCPC different than PE, it would still be more advanced. This is just one factor. Another one is that the PC version of the game is not meant for lower end products in this catagory. Will MCPC run good on a 5 Yr. Old. Dell Computer? No. Will MCPE run good on a 3rd Gen iPod. Not even a iPad Or iPhone… The answer to that is yes. For some strange reason MOJANG is putting limits on what they will add to that game. For example we could have tall grass and jungles by now if they weren’t still needing to be compatible with old devices. I mean MOJANG is starting to sorta cut off lower end devices with experimentals such as Smooth Shaders. But come on…. We have had a mod for that in 0.3.3! Now back to PC. I think they should stay the way they are in their updating old platforms way. Those who don’t have new computers get to play on 10 fps. That’s the way it goes. Recently I have been playing alot on Hypixels Server: mc.hypixel.net Now frankly lets just put it this way. A day after 1.6 came out over 5000/6500 slots were filled. Now this is after a MAJOR release came out. This many people didn’t upgrade just for this server. Now you understand how much traffic it gets daily. My awful computer runs from 60 fps on the Walls, to 2 fps on Quakecraft (that’s my explanation of why I always come in last). I’m fine with that, I just don’t understand why older devices are considered greatly in every PE update. I’m sure I have been rambling alot in this segment. Until Next time, I have been llombardo007!
Which Platform Is Better??? Look Below!




Why Is MCPC So Much More Advanced Than MCPE???- Introduction


Note: I Am Trying To Stated The Facts Along With A Bit Of Personal Opinion. If You See A Part You Don’t Agree With, It’s My Opinion Most Likely. We Each Have Different Views

Ok. First off I need to say that this is not aimed at anyone in particular or anyone at all. It is just me stating the facts of what makes MCPC a much more advanced game. I know in your head you are saying to me “Well why isn’t your main Minecraft Platform PC then?”. Well it’s becuase I don’t have a fast computer and frankly I really like the feel of working on maps and stuff on the go. For example right now. I am typing this while in the car. I hate sitting in one place playing a game. I would rather do it when there is nothing else to do for example (before I go to sleep, and in the car). Ok, so back to the main point. I will be explaining for everyone from Tree Punchers to Dragon Slayers the 5 key components that makes MCPC more advanced. These 5 Key Things are stated below. Without Further Ado, I bring you My New Mini Series, “Why Is MCPC so Much More Advanced Than MCPE?”